Project Manaia

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Expeditions on Sea NomadNew Expedition Dates online now!

The Mergui Archipelago Biodiversity Research

MABR aims to become a wider programme,  covering the whole archipelago as a transborder research area with high priority of conservation. Actually, by its geologic characteristics, the Mergui Archipelago includes several islands in Thailand, like Surin and Similan, which are Marine protected Areas (MPAs). The whole Mergui Archipelago could in the future be proposed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Boulder islandAttempting to establish a No-take Zone

Boulder Island Project

On Boulder island we found our Partners from “Moby Dick Tours” and the amazing opportunity of helping to establish the first “No Take Zone” in Myanmar waters of the Mergui Archipelago. This is why Boulder island is one of the fixed stops during every one of our expeditions and the focus of our current work in the area!
Sea NOMADThe research boat for YOUR Expedition


Is our vessel for all the expeditions we are currently running. During the “Off Season” of the Mergui islands the boat is available and seeking work, expeditions, humanitarian work, exploration. If YOU have use for the boat int he rough area we are located in please contact us and we can try work out a plan to make things happen!