Join Workshops aboard SY Independence

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We had visitors on board many times before and if there is one promise we can make. It is, there won't be a dull moment!
Join us for the experience of a lifetime and develop your skills! A small range of different workshops is available and can be combined into a healthy mix of new skills to be learned!
If you are interested in joining either one of the possible options down below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!
To find out more about the individual workshops simply continue reading down below!

For all the possible dates and programs we have a limited amount of space on board - 2 double cabins for guests as well as one extra bunk in the common area, so make sure to get in touch as soon as possible with your time preference! Maintenance will start in the second week of April 2020 and we will set out to sea again in the middle of May and keep working until the end of October.
While the rough Route is already in the making details of locations will develop in the next weeks to come and should be finalised by April 2020. For detailed questions please send us a message!
For all of the possible joining options preference will be given to
- People with a relevant background
- Supporters of Project Manaia on Patreon

Boat Maintenance Workshop

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While many people love to sail very few know of the valuable skills of boat maintenance which is what keeps the whole operation going!
Join us for the maintenance period of SY Independence on the amazing island of Aegina, just a 30 minute ferry ride from Athens.
Participation is possible in any duration of stay (Accommodation on board is possible!) and with a focus of your choice (Rigging, steel work/welding, woodwork/interior, painting and rust prevention)
All the work will be done under supervision of a long term boat maintenance professional as well as external contractors for specialised tasks.
Possible joining dates are from the second week of April 2020 until the middle of May 2020.
While the accommodation will be provided the cost of food on board (and when going out) will be shared among all people participating. But in addition participants of this workshop will be short listed for any other workshop in the future!

Seagrass mapping

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With Posidonia oceanica being one of the key habitats in the Mediterranean Sea it is of uttermost importance to keep a close eye on the developments of seagrass meadows throughout the area.
In recent years the meadows completely vanished in various locations and started declining in many more!
In 2018 Project Manaia started mapping meadows in different locations to be able to compare the recent developments over time!
In this Workshop you will learn how to map seagrass meadows with the help of UAVs (Drones) in a very efficient matter. With dedicated software it is possible to add geotagged pictures of the drone together to a google earth overlay and the outline the meadow giving a very accurate measurement of the actual seagrass coverage of an area.
All the material and software is already on board and tested! If you want to learn this skill make sure to sign up to join us on board for this workshop!
Depending on travel plans we will cover one to 3 different locations every week - keep in mind that a reliable internet connection is necessary for the evaluation of the data, therefore the finished product might only be available in the next port (which is planned to be happening ones a week).

Seagrass Health Workshop

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With the seagrass coverage being one important factor it ultimately comes down to the health of a meadow when estimating how it will progress in the future!
In this Workshop we will show you how to have a closer look at a seagrass meadow:
In collaboration with dive centres along the route we will go for dives in the seagrass meadows conducting shoot counts and take samples for more in depths analysis back on board.
This workshop is particularly interesting if you are more curious about the animal life within a seagrass meadow - as well as epiphytes and sessile organisms pithing the eco system.
We will teach you the various possible ways to estimate the overall health of Posidonia oceanica combined with a nice diving experience in a variety of locations along the Mediterranean coast!
In addition we will also utilise our ROV (Underwater drone) for examinations of meadows and general observations under water!

Seagrass Rehabilitation

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Since it is already obvious that Posidonia oceanica meadows are declining in the Mediterranean and we want to be a solution oriented NGO we also start working on the actual rehabilitation of seagrass meadows:
In cooperation with Dive Centers, NGOs and Marine field stations along the Mediterranean coast we will start to replant meadows in areas where they already thinned out in the past or vanished completely.
While the exact locations are yet to be determined we are already in conversations with various possible partners to work with.
All these locations are long term projects where we aim to have dive clubs and stations to keep working on each location for the years to come with guidance from our side.
If you are a solution oriented Marine enthusiast, this might just be the workshop for you!
For active participation during the planting process a valid diving licence is needed! Observation from the surface is of course also possible for snorkelers.

Join for the Sailing experience

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Of course we are not only aiming for Marine Biologists and underwater enthusiasts: If you want to come along simply to experience the life on board a small scale research sailboat and get in some nice sailing in the Mediterranean Sea you are also in the right spot!

Please keep in mind that we have a limited availability for cabins/bunks on board so try get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Workshop costs

In terms of participants we offer three different options for people to join and participate in workshops and life on board! While all of the possible options above can (and will be) mixed in many ways the costs remain the same (except for the maintenance work). Please have a look at the three options below!
Enter the name for this tabbed section: For Patrons
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Our Patrons (regular supporters) all have the option to come visit us on board! Every shark supporter (50 USD per month) already has the option to join us on board for a week every year.
If you want to come with your partner and get an entire cabin you can sign up as a "Whale supporter" and get your private cabin! This option is only possible after being a supporter for a minimum of half a year before joining on board!
Enter the name for this tabbed section: One off donation
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You are not a supporter but want to join anyway? No Problem - every curious mind who wants to be part of the project on board can also send a one off donation towards keeping our work going to the NGO. For a 600 Euro donation you can come on board and stay for an experience of a lifetime with the added benefit of doing something good for the environment and helping out a small scale NGO. Be aware, that all donations are going towards the development of the program and running costs of the boat. Nobody in the organisation is paid, everyone is helping out as volunteer.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Work with us
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If you are a Marine Biologist who wants to support the cause but you are low on funding we have a special deal for you:
We have one spot at every given time free for motivated (ideally) Biologists who either want to run their own research project or are happy to help out with ours. This will involve not just the work on board but also outreach work up ahead, taking care of E-Mail contacts with diving centers and help planning the route for the boat! If you are interested in that option please let us know as soon as possible since there are limited spots available!
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