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Manuel is Marine Biologist, Diving Instructor, Sailor and Environmentalist. He has spent the last years of his life sailing around the world for major Environmental Organisations and during this time came across a lot of passionate people eager to make this planet and particularly our oceans a better place for future generations. That was the Birth hour of the idea to create a platform for other NGOs to operate from and he founded "Project Manaia" to give Organisations, great minds, students, Universities and other people with great ideas a platform to operate from.
Even though he was born in Austria he always had a passion for the oceans and it was the driving force in his entire life, making sailing, diving and the creatures of the sea the air he is breathing.
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Pinar is Archeologist by trade but spent the last 2 season aboard Sea Nomad and Boulder Island in Myanmar and Thailand. She also is our trusted Chef on Board and is lending a hand whenever needed as well as main responsible person for keeping spirits high when things go wrong on board!

Our Boulder Island Team Season 2017/2018

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Annika has a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Marine Ecosystem- and Fisheries Sciences from University of Hamburg, Germany. Lately she has worked in Laboratories and on research vessels in Germany, done coral restoration work in Thailand and conducted research on the shrimp fishery of Borneo, Indonesia. In 2017 Annika is working for Project Manaia on Boulder Island where she examined the composition and state of the local coral reefs
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Thor graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University Rhode Island. During his studies there he participated in a semester at the BIOS station in Bermuda where he began working with coral. He has years of experience growing corals for the aquarium trade as well as for graduate research. In 2015 he conducted coral disease research in the Red Sea at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. Thor was on Boulder Island in 2017, where he was surveying the reef and planning coral restoration efforts.
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Neus is an Oceanographer with a Master's degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, a writer and an environmentalist. She collaborated with several European programs working with jellyfish and marine pollution before starting work for the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona.
She focused her Master thesis on Marine Ecological Restoration and during the dry season 2017/2018 she led a coral restoration project on Boulder Island. She is currently writing a story book about coral reefs to raise awareness about their global importance and the problems they face today.
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Nicole is a passionate diver, sailor and biologist with a PhD in Marine Ecology. During her career she has mainly focused on coral reef fishes and benthic algae of the Indo-Pacific. Recently, while working at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, she has started studying coral reproduction and early life history. She has become increasingly interested in Coral reef restoration and has joined the reef restoration project on Boulder Island.
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Anna is a Marine Biologist, Scientific Diver and Diving Instructor. She did her Master's degree in Marine Biology at the University of Rostock, Germany. Additionally she took part in an international Project of the GEOMAR in Kiel, conducting research on micro plastics and global warming in five different countries around the world. Besides she assisted as scientific diver on research about open acidification and its effects on cold water corals in the Comau Fjord, Chile. She is mainly interested in the effects of anthropogenic stressors on marine ecosystems and what we can do against it; trying to make a little change for the conservation of our oceans
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Oshin is a passionate marine conservationist with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. During her time at the university Oshin has taken part in a coral restoration Project in Marsa and participated in boat surveys, onshore surveys and marine mammal surveys in the U.K. and the North Sea. She is particularly interested in sustainable marine consultancy solutions that minimise damages cause by off shore drilling and overfishing. She is currently working on collecting the data required to make a "No Take" zone around a 2 mile radius around Boulder Island in Myanmar. She hopes that she can contribute in a meaningful way towards the health of the oceans.
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