Project Manaia

Presentations and public speaking

Project Manaia offers presentation to a variety of topics, that can be adapted to different age groups and skill levels.
A general talk about marine biology is available just as well as more in depth presentations to particular topics such as seaweed ares, coastlines, caves or groups of animals like crabs, fish, snails and others. All the necessary background information can be offered and prepared or worked on together.
We also offer special talks about some more serious issues that our oceans are fighting with. After several years on actions- and research vessels I managed to collect a huge selection of pictures, knowledge and information about topics like overfishing, ocean pollution and general abuse of our beautiful oceans. These presentations are particularly interesting for school groups, diving and sailing clubs but also available for everyone else!
For curious boaters and sailors I am also happy to offer presentations about how YOU can make YOUR boat a little bit more sustainable with small changes or if you want to go all the way with major modifications to your yacht. Having gone through all this myself already I am happy to share the experience and knowledge I managed to gain in the process and share it with everyone who wants to do the same!
Some of the presentations available include:
  • Converting an old sailboat to a smaller carbon footprint (a step by step guide)
  • Fishing and overfishing in the oceans
  • Shark finning
  • Marine environments (coast, seaweed, ...)
  • Marine groups of animals (crabs, fish, etc.)
  • Marine conservation work and how to get involved
  • and many more (on request)