Coral Reef Restoration in the Andaman Sea

While things are moving along with "Project Manaia" in many ways it is about time for you to get an update again...

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Also don't forget, our Supporters mean a lot to us, so we also happily welcome them on board if they want to learn more about the work we do, the Project, the life on Board a boat or whatever else you might be curious about!
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Moving on to new shores

This time around we created not just one but TWO different videos to tell you the story of the latest developments. What we would need from YOU to do is to tell us which version you like better so we can work in the right direction in the episodes to come!


With Many Marine Biologists out there driven by the passion for the Ocean, dedication and Inspiration we want to try a new approach of Research at Sea.
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While Research Ships are hard to get a hold of and expensive to run we offer a platform on a budget!

The Idea is simple:

The big problem for most projects is the funding. With the simple Idea of making the Oceans a healthier place and research affordable (and possibly even sustain ones living while doing it), we run our constant Patreon Page via which everyone can support us. 

Those donations should keep the boat going (at some stage) and the crew fed.
This way we can offer spots for researchers on a shoestring budget or even free - depending on your funding situation - we are obviously happy to help you set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a project as well - just send us a proposal and get in touch to have a chat about it.

For everyone else who wants to get involved on board and possibly support the scientists with the projects the rule is simple: Everyone is welcome to join, if you are supporting the cause (this can be as little as 1 Euro per month or as much as you want), we have spots available - Scientists have priority - and you are willing to lend a hand on board - this is not supposed to be a pleasure cruise, even though we do like to enjoy when it is possible!

The Boat itself is a Bruce Roberts Mauritius 43. She is a ketch rigged Sailboat, solidly built from steel in the UK and now sailing under Austrian flag. With 16 tons she's not exactly a lightweight but makes for comfortable motion and the ability to get work done aboard. She sleeps 6 in comfort in 3 separate cabins and has all the necessary navigational equipment on board for Ocean Crossings - But the primary base for the first years is planned to be the Mediterranean.

For Research Work on Board, we already have snorkelling gear, an Open ROV, HD Video Equipment as well as an Editing suite, Drone for Aerial shots and reef surveys, 2 binoculars and 2 Microscopes and a lot of other bits and pieces on board.

Other equipment that is needed would have to be either sourced or borrowed from the University - if gear needs to be bought please get in contact with us and we can make a plan for funding!
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Manuel Marinelli Founder of  Project Manaia

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