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Mission Mediterranean

What is it all about

The Season of 2019 will keep SY Independence in the Mediterranean Sea focussing on a variety of pressing issues that need attention. On the map below some of the already confirmed stops with a rough timeline. If you want to work with us on the way, join aboard or simply meet up, do get in touch with us!

Invasive Species

Ever since the Suez Canal was build more and more "Aliens" migrated into the Mediterranean Sea and found their new home. While some are peaceful intruders others cause a lot of problems. And we know very little about the way these new arrivers migrate throughout the Mediterranean Sea and spread in these waters.
Project Manaia is aiming to set up a network of participating dive centres, NGOs and sailors to better understand the migrating patterns of selected key invasive species.

Operation 3 Seas

Posidonia Oceanice Documentation

The Blue Boating Guide

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