Finished Reports of previous Seasons

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Find our finished Reports from previous work and Surveys from the places we have been here - more coming on a regular basis!

In an effort to promote citizen science as well as open science we will also be posting more and more of the collected data from our previous expeditions. All the collected data is right now being transferred into formats that are easily shareable. The sightings collected on the website are available for everyone who wants them, however just on request since peoples E-Mail adresses are part of the file and those I can not give away.

Reports from the Mergui Archipelago

During the work in the Mergui Archipelago and specifically on Boulder Island we already made some good progress. More about all this right here:

- Preliminary Survey of Boulder Island
- Boulder Bay Reef Report
- Coral Restauration Phase 1

Data collections of ongoing Projects

Operation 3 Seas

Following up last years Expedition with DMAD in Montenegro we planned out a one month Cetacean Survey covering the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Sea all the way from Italy🇮🇹 via Slovenia🇸🇮 , Croatia🇭🇷 , Montenegro🇲🇪 , Albania🇦🇱 and on to Greece🇬🇷 !
  • Operation 3 Seas
  • operation 3 seas

Data collections of ongoing Projects

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