Marine Debris Workshops

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There are many issues our seas are struggling with, but few are as visible as plastics.
We have only been producing them for a few decades and yet in many places the amount of plastic already outnumbers plankton and even fish.
While Plastic is an incredible material - designed for eternity - exactly that feature is what is causing us many issues by now. It is meant to last forever and all it does in the water is break down to smaller and smaller pieces until it finds its way back into our food sources as micro (or even nano-) plastics.
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In our Marine Debris Workshop we will explain you more about the background of the plastic problem: Where it comes from, what it does to the environment and how it also affects us ones again.
We will run a beach and underwater cleanup program with you and your dive center and can also offer solutions of what to do with the "trash" collected from the waters/beaches. While there is a. Lot of work to be done certain people are already on track and finding solutions for these issues. Ultimately we might not be the ones who made the mess, but we all want to use the sea for our pleasure and therefore we should all share the responsibility of cleaning our combined mess up together!
You can now become part of the solution and join our workshops in a location near you!
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