Project Manaia

Rebuilding Reefs in Southeast Asia

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CoraLive and Project Manaia are currently in the planning phase for another big Project:
Restoring Reefs in Southeast Asia!
With Sea Nomad as a platform we are aiming to equip her with all the necessary tools to make her an incubator for Coral Reefs. By focussing on Areas, that used to be rich in Coral but are now more similar to a bombing site, due to heavy anchors, malpractices in fishing or too warm water, we are aiming to bring Coral back to Areas where they used to be - only this time we will grow them faster and stronger than before with the application of certain techniques that help Reef Building Corals grow!
For this reason Sea Nomad will be equipped with a big array of Solar Panels and suitable battery bank in order to be the power supply for a modular reef growing kit. Ones the prototypes are in place and tested the technology will be openly accessible for NGOs and other people who want to get involved and help us restore the reefs of this world back to former glory!

Reef Mapping

Reef Maps are the first step towards understanding the structure of the Eco System and how they can be organised. By learning and understanding how different species of (Reef building) Coral are distributed in a Bay we can better understand how to efficiently organise Corals ones we start growing reefs on man made structures.
We are also currently working on an APP, that makes it possible for everyone to contribute with their sightings of specific kinds of Coral, while they are diving or snorkelling to help us to know, which coral can efficiently be grown where in the world.