Project Manaia

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Protect Our Seas

We're carrying out marine research at sea as well as providing talks at conferences, universities and much more, to achieve a better understanding of our oceans.

Our Vision


Find working long term solutions for plastic pollution

Therefore, we and all watersports communities come together and collect marine debris. We also provide the necessary knowledge and structure to make sure the collected plastic don't just get dumped but reused in a variety of creative ways.


Increase seagrass distribution across the Mediterranean

As a result, we make sure that in all those places that were previously covered with meadows we plant them again to reconstruct a natural key habitat for the ecosystems!

We are building a network of collaborators

Such as Dive Centers, charter fleets, fishing communities, and other water sports enthusiasts all working together towards better health and sustainable development of our oceans.

Join Us

Join Aboard

We are looking for people who are willing to be part of our marine research projects and join on board SY Independence.

Citizen Science Projects

We need people who are passionate about the underwater life of the Mediterranean. We create an invasive species map and seagrass map to detect how far invasive species in the Mediterranean spread and where the seagrass meadows are disappearing. Submit your sightings now!

Meet The Team

We are a team of passionate people who work for our seas to keep them alive. We do what we do because of ocean love, and we believe that with marine research we can make a difference!

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