Join as a Dive Center

We would like to have you and your dive centre in the Mediterranean onboard with us! What does it mean? Several things are in it for you, so let’s get started:
– We come with SY Independence to your location ones a year and give you workshops of 1 – 3 days in your location
– From the moment you sign up with us we will be “on-call” for you, so if you see something new, simply send us the picture and we will take care of finding out what exactly it was!
– You get a better insight into the Marine Environment that you can share with your guests in engaging speciality dives throughout the season
– We provide the Materials and insight for you, you take care of the dive!
For further information on the. Workshops keep. Reading or DOWNLOAD the info folder.

Invasive Species Workshop

invasive species at mediterranean sea

Invasive species are becoming more and more of an issue in the Mediterranean Sea. We will give you a better understanding of the variety of them, where exactly they come from and how their appearance can change the environment we dive in! This again gives you an engaging diving experience to share with your guests throughout the season – and a. A good reason to come back and find out what happened in the last year!

Seagrass Workshop


Seagrass is possibly the single most important habitat in the Mediterranean Sea: It provides shelter for juvenile fish, mating and breeding ground and most fish species spend at least a part of their life in the seagrass meadows. We will show you how you can find out how healthy your meadow is and how you can keep it that way or possibly even improve things.
We tested our methods over several years throughout the Mediterranean Sea and want to pull you into our efforts to keep the Mediterranean as pristine and full of life as we know and love it!
So take a closer look at this green mass of growth and be amazed by the wonders you might find!

Marine Debris Workshop

floating plastic pollution at sea

Marine litter, ocean garbage and plastic in the water all together have become more of an issue in the recent past than anyone ever expected. We will show you what it really means and how its presence will influence our life in the long run. Plus we help you organise cleanups and put the collected material to good use! Especially ghost nets (discarded or lost nets underwater) are a major threat to marine life and can be used as an incredible resource – together we can give them a second life in a responsible fashion!

What we can offer you and your Dive Center

– You will be listed on our Project Manaia approved Dive Centre map showing trained Dive Centers throughout the Mediterranean
– On-site staff training ones a year so all your diving instructors are able to train dive courses in marine conservation and being aware of how to look after our oceans and what markers to look out for. All your students will get our Project Manaia Certificate proofing their training in helping to keep our oceans healthy!
– Your training would also allow you to expand your market to attract eco holidaymakers, research dives for scientists and university students, education dives for schools etc.
– Ongoing training and support including x2 webinars per year to keep you up to date with the latest research and provide any technical support you may need.
– We will bring our volunteers wishing to do a diving course at your centre every year when researching in your area.
– The option of being incorporated into our research volunteer internship program, which will include diving certification – that we need Dive Centers in different areas for and it will provide you with a new revenue stream.
Positive exposure of being partnered with an NGO, supporting the protection of the ocean, which your business relies on and also offsetting your carbon footprint through our seagrass planting project. We would plant 1 square meter of seagrass meadow every month on behalf of your dive centre!
– Creating loyal customers that respect and value your dedication to look after our oceans.
– Social Media marketing campaign – a post every month when we have planted your square meter of seagrass as well as a “check-in” on Facebook (and other social media platforms) when we run research projects in your area – all helping your social media presence.
– You will be advertised on our website as one of our partners
20% discount in our online store for you and your customers
– Free sponsorship Bag with promotional material

What’s involved for you

sunset at sea and sy independence

As an NGO we live to provide future generations with a better life, a clean environment and a chance to see the wonders underwater that we learned to consider normal.
By becoming our partner you made a huge leap in a good direction already.

Depending on the size of your dive centre we would ask for a. Donation between 40 and 100 Euros per month right here on the website
– All the data you collect while running the workshops will be easily submitted to us via an online form right here on the website so we can incorporate it into our research and push. Further towards healthier oceans!
– To help us with outreach and our mission, you would also display our logo on your website and in your dive centre. (Materials will be provided)

If you are interested in these options you can sign up right now by sending us an email via the contact form – depending on the size of your dive centre you can choose a suitable donation plan for your facility and we will be happy to provide you with the first sets of materials as soon as we get a confirmation.

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