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Call for Volunteers

In 2020 we managed to make it through a Corona struck season and still got a lot done! For 2021 we hope to do even better!

That’s why we are currently looking for people who are interested in joining our team behind the scenes, helping out with Grant writing, Video editing as well as the data analysis of this year’s data along with the further development of methods for the next season to come.

While we are a small NGO that (at this stage) is running entirely powered by people donating their time we can’t pay a salary but can offer a spot onboard for people who invest their time during the offseason.

We will head back out to sea again in April 2021 and will happily welcome everyone else as well – more information on schedule, etc yet to come.
For more information please get in touch via mail to

Science Officer


  • Establish streamlined methods for volunteers on board.
  • Streamline methodology in an easy to follow the method with clear instructions.
  • Be available for possible questions throughout the season and be ready to adjust the protocol when needed.
  • Keep an eye on current developments in the necessary field to adjust protocols and change methodology if needed.
  • Lookout for funding options (grants) and possibilities for collaborations and publications.



  • Outside communication with dive centers, partners and possible joiners on board.
  • Overall planning of schedules (In collaboration with captain)
  • Create an easy to follow and understandable timeline of the next upcoming season
  • Easy to follow schedule with plenty wiggle room to allow for bad weather and flexibility around it.
  • Good engagement with possible paying customers

Video Editor


  • If onboard: Filming daily life and work onboard.
  • If onshore: Check on uploaded video material and choose best usable clips and develop the storyline (in collaboration with Captain and Social Media Officer)
  • The actual Video editing (Check our YouTube channel to get an idea of the level we are currently working on)
  • One video of around 10 minutes per week to be uploaded on YouTube and used on the website.
  • In collaboration with Social Media also create blog posts around the videos.

Maintenance Crew


A general “Handy-ness” should be a given but the skills can be learned on Board. If you are thinking about getting your own boat, this might be a very valuable time to join for some maintenance and learning the ropes before taking the plunge!

  • Maintenance work on the boat – focussed before the season but possibly throughout the season and working closely together with the skipper.
  • Chipping and painting – Steel Boat Maintenance
  • Woodwork
  • Engine maintenance
  • Electrical installations
  • Plumbing

Season 2021 applicatons are over. You can apply for Season 2022 now!

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