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Join “Posidonia Gardeners”: Restore Posidonia Oceanica, Be a Citizen Scientist!

Calling all passionate citizen scientists! We are excited to introduce “Posidonia Gardeners,” a groundbreaking project focused on protecting and restoring Posidonia Oceanica, a vital seagrass species in the Mediterranean. With the support of IMPETUS, we’re embarking on an incredible mission across Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, and Malta.

As a citizen scientist, you’ll sail aboard the research vessel Waya Waya, exploring stunning locations, connecting with like-minded organizations, and receiving training to collect data and participate in hands-on replanting efforts. Together, we’ll create a network of professionals and citizen scientists dedicated to making a lasting impact on the Mediterranean’s marine ecosystems.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause. Join “Posidonia Gardeners” today and become part of a passionate community committed to preserving our marine environment.

The season 2023 is fully booked now. Feel free to apply to join our waiting list!

*Our schedule may change depending on COVID-19 regulations.

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SY WAYA WAYA photo by Marc Bielefeld

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