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Open ROV underwater dark

Sofar Ocean Trident ROV

Regularly used for Video Transects and capable to dive up to 100m deep. Easy deployment from the boat and shore makes for simple use!

mavic pro drone hovering sunset

DJI Mavic Pro

While we use it a lot for our Video updates, it is also an incredible tool for mapping work above and (in good visibility conditions) below the surface.

Paralenz Underwater camera

2 Paralenz underwater cameras

An underwater Camera with a mission: Not only do they record the time, date, and video but also depth, salinity, and more factors of the water making it a perfect tool. With built-in GPS and gyro sensors, it can also pinpoint locations of the recorded videos!


Scubajet Underwater Scooters

Those become useful tools for snorkeling (and diving) transect lines. Making it easier to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time!

takacat dinghy and torqeedo electric engine

Takacat dinghy with Torqeedo electric outboard engine.

Our latest addition to the fleet: With the catamaran design it provides a stable platform to work from and without the bumpy front of a regular dinghy it is a lot easier to get back on board after snorkeling/diving. With the electric outboard, we can also move through the water with a lot less noise than the old two-stroke engine!

stepdive system

Stepdive diving system

While it is not a full SCUBA system it allows for extended bottom time in shallow depths. With the tank staying on the surface it makes work below the water a lot more convenient and easy!


Dolphinear Hydrophone

We finally secured a hydrophone to take on our travels: With this piece, we can not only listen to marine mammals but also keep track of marine sound pollution as well as hearing the impact of pleasure cruising and the shipping industry.


Lite Venture donated us a 2 SUP to take on our travels: Lite Venture Ultra & Lite Venture Ultra-Light. Great paddleboards with carbon paddles. We are happy to use those on our stops along the Mediterranean coast.

– Binoculars

– Microscope

– 4K Video Equipment

– Raymarine GPS Chart Plotter

– Echo Sounder

– Anemometer x 2

-Plankton net

– pH – Meter

– 50m Transect line

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