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Manuel Marinelli at TEDx

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One of the best ways to push for Marine Conservation is EDUCATION! If you would like us to visit your school/university/club, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Manuel Marinelli has been rewarded for “Best Presentation” on different occasions, and has done Keynote Speeches at international Conferences, yet he has the passion to go back to where we all came from, Highschool education, and ignite the passion with the young generation to take better care of our planet! Presentations are flexible in timing and can last from as little as 15 minutes to as much as 2 hours – upon request.

‘We are connected to the ocean with every breath we take. Half the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean; her fish feeds us; her waters sustain our economies. The seas, a vital resource to our very existence, is under threat! Making people aware of existing problems is the first step towards protecting our seas.’

Manuel Marinelli,
Founder of Project Manaia.

Since 2020, we also started to do online marine biology presentations with schools and various marine research NGOs. You can request any date and duration for our online marine biology presentations/talks. If it is possible; we will make it happen for you and your class/audience.


TEDx Klagenfurt, Austria.

Düsseldorf Boat Show, Germany.

Tulln Boat Show, Austria.

Yacht Club Austria.

Lions Club Austria, Spittal an der Drau/Austria.

ICYMARE Int. Conference for Young Marine Researchers, Germany.

YOUMARES Marine Biology Conference, Germany.

Haus des Meeres Aquarium, Vienna/Austria.

University of Graz, Austria.

Pestalozzischule Highschool, Idstein/Germany.

AHS Rahlgasse School, Vienna/Austria.

Leopold Inselkammer School, St. Pölten/Austria.

Gymnasium Highschool, Spittal/Austria.

and many more…

Online Presentation Screenshoot

We encourage discussions and sharing of opinions from the audience. It is not meant to be a one-sided conversation throughout the time!
Possible Subjects include (but are not limited to):
– Climate (and change of it)
– Invasive Species
– Marine Ecosystems (Seagrass, Coastlines, Sediments, …)
– Fisheries and overfishing
Marine Pollution and Plastics, per your request we can also organize a workshop together. This part can include recycling plastic bottles with Petbot to 3d filament, and using it to print 3d goods you wish with our 3d printer. This might give you a better picture of how we can transform plastic around us! In 2023, we added a new extruder recycling machine with shredder to our recycling setup. Now, we can recycle not only bottles but plastic lids, containers etc.

If your school offers dedicated days for specific subjects and they happen to be marine-related, do get in touch and we can work on a concept together!

Petbot plastic bottle recycling machine

Our presentations/talks are completely free of charge, but we expect a donation to our NGO to support our work in the Mediterranean. Your donation could be 3-5 Euros per person who attends the meeting. Small enough to be paid by anyone and big enough to help our work.

You can do a request for marine biology presentations/talks via our contact form on the website or write to We will respond as soon as possible to make your request happen.


“Manuel repeatedly visited us in our school to give talks on sea life and environmental issues. He has managed to shed light on profoundly pressing problems concerning today’s habitats in the oceans. Students and teachers alike have enjoyed Manuel’s stories and his talks have been a great source of inspiration for projects and lessons for everyone who has heard him speak.”
Susanne Pramenendorfer (Teacher), AHS Rahlgasse School, Vienna.

During his lecture, he covered everything from cutting open tuna nets in the open sea to chasing a rubber duck with a paddleboat from the Danube Canal in Vienna to the Black Sea, in order to prove that plastic also finds its way into the sea from Austria. 
There was a lot of discussion about climate change and its consequences, overfishing and bycatch, the use of Greta Thunberg and what each and every one of us can do for the environment. 
We thank him for his visit! 

Lisa Das, MSc (Teacher), Leopold Inselkammer School, St. Pölten.

“Mr. Marinelli has come to our school and has given a talk to our class about some major things happening on our planet right now. He said that we should start changing today rather than in 20 years. The talk was very interesting!
Mr. Marinelli told us about the consequences of overfishing and where the fish in our supermarkets are coming from.
He mentioned that if we continue to catch so many fish, we will not have any of them left in our oceans by 2050. He also told us that there are several organizations that try to save the planet. Only by working together can we ensure a lasting impact. We can make a difference to our world and our planet by trusting each other.”
Tim Geifes (Student), Leopold Inselkammer School (Class 7L),St. Pölten.

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