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As a Marine Research NGO, we are in need of many tools for our research platform SY Waya Waya and gears to use for our research at sea. We love to use their products and spread the word to everyone. Some of our supporters have special discount code like; Sofar and Gosun. Here are our supporters who help us to make things happen.

Ozeanliebe Logo

We started to collaborate with Ozeanliebe!

inmocean logo

In 2023, we became a part of the recycling fleet of the INMOCEAN. They crowdfunded the recycling setups for their fleet members in 2022. And now we are also happy to be a part of it! Now we have can melt plastic marine debris onboard thanks to the INMOCEAN team!

The German Foundation for Marine Conservation is cooperating with researchers and organizations around the globe and supporting their work and projects that benefit the marine environment. With a big network behind them, they are an incredible contact and cherished supporter of our work!

In 2022, Greenpeace Foundation supported our Posidonia oceanica re/plantation project on the Italian coast. With their support, we started to get in touch with the dive centers along the way and train them to re/plant seagrass and collect data.

sofar ocean logo

We really LOVE our Open ROV Trident, it is one of our key pieces of gear when it comes to ocean exploration, but also when it comes to checking if the anchor is well dug in.
If you want to get yours for a discounted rate, make sure to use our discount code “manaia” or simply follow the LINK.

OpenROV Trident test and review for open source research tools in marine science.

jambo anker logo

Marine Research Expeditions in the season of 2019 we got a new JAMBO anchor sponsored and were in fact SO pleased and happy with it we want to help spread the word about this amazing piece of gear! So if you are still looking around for that perfect anchor make sure to have a look at the video and drop us a line if you need any more information!

Jambo Anchor Review- The perfect cruising anchor.

gosun logo

We have been using our GoSun Solar Oven for many years now and want to spread the love a bit! It is a great piece of kit, being able to cook, bake, boil outside without getting the cabin hot and also cutting down on fossil fuels!
Since we do like it a lot and want to make sure you get yours at a discounted rate we also managed to get some coupon codes for you guys!

So if you want to order yours in the US, make sure to use our Code “ProjectManaia” for a 10% Discount on the GoSun stove!
If you are ordering out of Europe, use the code “Manaia” for 25 Euros off!

Hope you enjoy it and happy cooking guys!

Gosun Stove – Baguette in solar oven recipe.

openwind logo

Openwind is our new (2019) wind measuring device created by a small startup – and we get to test it in real conditions. An Open Source Anemometer designed for sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailboats, and any other reason to check on your weather and wind speed.

Openwind -Open Source Anemometer for sailing test and review.

Paralenz logo

Paralenz making a cameras bridge the gap between diving and research world. It is a dive camera with a mission. And they support our projects with 2 of their Dive Camera + and we are happy to use it!

roblines logo

In 2020, Robline decided to sponsor us with full compliment of lines!

torqeedo logo

2020 is the year that we start doing fundraising for a dinghy and we also wanted to have an electric outboard engine. We managed to get funding for dinghy and Torqeedo sponsored us with our new electric outboard engine!

e-marine logo

In 2020, we start doing fundraising for a dinghy and e-marine reached us and told us that they wanted to support our work. They helped us a get a better deal for our Takacat and gave us covers, board for an outboard engine for free. We managed to get funding for dinghy and thanks to them we built good connections with Torqeedo and had a full set of the dinghy with the electric outboard engine in the end!

scubajat logo

In 2020 we also get in touch with Scubajet. They are based in Austria and producing underwater scooters. The system motorizes every SUP and it’s the smallest dive scooter. We are really excited to use it on season 2020!

stepdive logo

Stepdive is a diving system that allows you to dive without any heavy gear also as a group! We sponsored by them since 2019 and looking forward to using it for our seagrass planting project!

Lite Venture donated us a 2 SUP to take on our travels: Lite Venture Ultra & Lite Venture Ultra-Light. Great paddleboards with carbon paddles. We are happy to use those on our stops along the Mediterranean coast.

GAW tecnologies logo

In 2021 GAW Technologies choose us as a nonprofit of the year to donate. They wanted to support our work at sea especially seagrass data collection efforts. Read more about it on

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